On My Easel

7 August 2022:

The garden beside the studio is now at its summer
zenith and I am finishing up a series of paintings. I have plans for several larger pieces, as they are both fun and a challenge to do.

10 July 2022:

The daylilies are in full bloom along the terrace garden, and it seemed a good motif to start now. Monsoon rains make all the garden happy.

27 June 2022:

Lots of recent rains make the garden come forward and bloom. This new canvas size, 60″ tall by 36″ wide makes interesting challenge to design.

29 May 2022:

Working on a larger Black Canyon piece while
the winds blow around the studio. A very blustery May.

21 April 2022:

The wind is blowing strongly today, with only one of the french doors open to the garden…..but apple trees coming into bloom as well as the Oklahoma redbud. On the easel another version of the Center Garden.

7 April 2022:

Soon the garden will be back in bloom, and awaiting new paintings. The lavender, 30 of them, have been planted in the open triangle.

20 March 2022:

This 48 x 48 size canvas if fun to work on….a garden from my first studio on Canyon Road.   I will try to find a good sized horse chestnut tree or two at the nurseries this spring…a signature tree for me.   

5 March 2022:

I just sowed two ounces (about 100k seeds) of Corn Poppy seeds around the garden, hoping for rain in the next few days. This painting is from a motif from the Canyon Road gardens, years ago…

4 February, 2022:
With still snow on the ground, I am thinking about summer gardens. This canvas is of Eudora Welty’s garden in Jackson, MS. A group of us went there a few years ago and toured the great writer’s house and garden. Not much in bloom, but a great sense of calm verdancy.

5 December, 2021:
I’ve started on a series of vertical landscapes on the 48 inch high by 36 inch wide canvases.  They seem to be going well, with two already finished and this third one under way. Vertical landscapes appear to be somehow more modern, more “today” than the horizontal ones… but I like both.

10 November, 2021:
I’m working on this scene of the Rio Grande Gorge north of Taos. The garden is slowly loosing leaves for the winter sleep, but days are sunny, chilly. 

26 September, 2021:
There are a lot of white zinnias in the front garden right now.   I thought they might make a good series of paintings.  This is the first.

5 July 2021: 
I’m working on some paintings of the terrace garden, which is now in full bloom. The white poppies in this canvas have already passed over.

7 June 2021:
My new garden at the Moonlight Drive house is deep into its second year, giving me many corners of garden to paint. This is from a year or so ago, when the Flanders Poppies were at their zenith. They arrange and re-arrange themselves in ever changing patterns.

on the artist easel Douglas atwill
3 March 2021. Working on a vase filled with flowers against a yellow wall. Different subject for me.
17 February 2021. Lots of snow on the ground, but working on a garden painting brings cheer.
11 January 2021. The year is starting with little snow on the ground. I have been going through summer motifs for these clouds over Hopi.